As more RV parks spring up across Southwest Louisiana ahead of the economic expansion, one group is already cashing in, television station KPLC reported.

RV salesmen said they’re already seeing a rise in sales which is a welcome problem.

Johnny Mouton, owner of United Homes & RV, said it’s partly because of the new Lacassine RV Park which will offer more than 500 open recreational vehicle lots by May.

“With all these people coming in, that could be the best thing that ever happened to us because these construction workers can’t find a place,” Mouton said.

With the influx of workers descending on the area, he said sales have doubled.

“We did 58 units last year and here it is, early this year, and we’ve done over 20 – and that’s just one of my product lines – and it hasn’t even really started. That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Mouton added.

Martin Hoffpauir, owner of Luke’s RV in Lake Charles, is also noticing a boom in business- even during the slowest part of the season.

“We’ve done real well,” he said. “Even in December, we’ve done real well because of people coming in and purchasing to be able to stay in them.”

With the population only expected to grow in the years ahead, he is looking forward to the benefits.

“We’re really excited about this year coming. I mean, a lot of projects are supposed to be kicking off, so I think there will be more people coming in as it goes,” Hoffpauir said.

While many of the temporary worker housing options are unpopular, Mouton believes the RV parks are the best choice because the land can be more easily repurposed once the need has passed.

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