There’s a new RV magazine launching this month from the same folks who bring you Rootless Living Magazine. Titled RV Today, it “aims to fill the growing need for providing resources for RVers on the road,” according to publisher Demian Ross.

Available in print and digital format, RV Today will be issued eight times a year. Unlike Rootless Living, which caters to individuals who live and work from their RV, RV Today will appeal to “100% of owners.”

“During my RV travels,” Ross told RVBusiness, the sister publication to Woodall’s Campground Magazine. “I noticed that of the 100 or so people in a campground, only a tiny percentage fit the Rootless Living nomadic profile. Maybe 5%. However, everyone in the campground owns an RV, so why not offer stories and content that appeals to this larger group?”

Compared to other consumer magazines, which Ross said are owned by associations, clubs or dealerships, RV Today is “for RVers by RVers.”  Added Ross, “It’s like a sports magazine where the players are telling you what is happening in the sport, not the coaches, owners or commentators.”

RV Today will cover everything RVers talk about when they get together, he explained. To help explore these broad areas of interest, Ross has enlisted the contributions of dozens of influencers and content creators.

A 96-page Special Edition of RV Today was released in mid-November and included profiles of 50 contributors to the magazine. If you follow RV social media, many of these names are recognizable. You can view the special edition here.

Ross has even formed a group called “RV Today Explorers” to encourage and reward contributor participation.

Demian Ross

The magazine’s articles will include where to go with your RV with locations for every type of RVer in all regions of the continental United States. In addition, the magazine will offer tips, checklists and hands-on advice on how to get the most out of your RV. Also, part of the editorial mix includes coverage of the products RVers use as well as a showcase of new RVs “since RVers love looking at RVs.”

While RV Today will be published in print and digital format, Ross firmly believes that the print version will outsell the digital edition by a considerable percentage.

“Although digital is king for digital nomads,” he said, “the printed magazine is king for RVers with an easily accessible mailing address.” Ross noted that he has sold more RV Today print subscriptions in the first 72 hours of the promotional launch than in all two years for Rootless Living.

While the Special Edition issue was published in November, the first regular issue will be released this January. Ross plans to have copies of the first issue on hand at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Fla., to share with consumers and RV industry members.

Subscriptions start at $9 per year for the digital version, $24.99/year for print, or $29.99/year for print and digital. Subscribe at RVToday.com

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If you think your company should receive a print edition sent to you for free for customers, please contact Demian at demian@rvtoday.com, and he will work to get you set up.