The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) and RVDA of Canada issued a joint statement this morning (Nov. 30) on their “continued commitment to improving the customer experience.”

Over the past decade, the elected officers of RVDA and RVIA have met twice per year to discuss issues critical to the health of the RV industry. Over the last 12 months, this group has met several times to specifically address the most pressing issues around the end-user experience. According to the statement “all parties agreed that while significant investment and improvements have occurred in the areas of parts and service, there is still work to do.”

That leadership team, coupled with RVDA of Canada and a select group of representatives from the industry’s largest suppliers and distributors, agreed to invest in a third-party facilitated process to identify the primary actions needed to best improve our service-related issues.

“Our industry remains committed to the continued growth and prosperity of the RV industry, and this investment is the next step in the journey to improving the RV consumer experience,” the statement concluded.