Members of the Pennsylvania state Gaming Control Board on Wednesday (Nov. 17) questioned a plan for a casino in Hampden Township that would count RVs to make up for a shortfall in the number of rooms required for a gambling license, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported.

Board members did not appear to rule out the idea.

Penn Harris Gaming needs 36 recreational vehicles at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg West to count as rooms to be eligible for a license to operate up to 50 table games and 600 slot machines at the site. The group is competing with three sites for the state’s last resort casino license.

During the hearing at The State Museum, board member Gary Sojka asked what a fleet of RVs would mean in terms of energy use.

“That’s about as energy-inefficient as I can imagine,” he said.

Penn Harris representatives said the hotel is working to add direct power so the RVs won’t have to run their own generators.

Board member Kenneth McCabe asked how reliable comfort is in the RVs, citing a story in The Patriot-News that said power and hot water failed in an RV during a reporter’s stay.

Hotel manager Dan Richardson said that was an isolated incident and that the hotel has not had similar complaints from any of the other 26 customers who have rented RVs.

“The stay that you’re talking about was the only time that we’ve had one of our guest rooms with what you’d consider a significant-impact stay,” Richardson said.

Penn Harris representatives said they hope to attract RV owners and users by creating a special “RV World” section. The idea of RV tourism is nothing new and has been used in Las Vegas resorts and at DisneyWorld, they said.