RV2Tee This fall, RV2Tee.golf launched a brand new membership program for RV, fifth-wheel and travel trailer owners, allowing them access to “Stay and Play” at Golf Courses all over the U.S., according to a press release.

While many of their host partners allow RV2Tee.golf members to “dry camp” (no hook-ups) in their parking lots or other designated areas, other host partners have RV parks or lodging and provide exclusive discounts to RV2Tee.golf members. They must have RVs that are fully self-contained, with their own bathroom and the ability to park overnight without hookups, notes the release.

“As an RV owner, I know the pure joy of finding new and unique places to stay while traveling,” said Mike Simpson, RV2Tee.golf founder and president. “RV2Tee.golf gives travelers a way to combine their RV lifestyle and golf passion, discovering new and exciting experiences along the way.”

RV2Tee.golf is a free service for golf courses and other RV-friendly facilities. RV2Tee.golf is committed to supporting local economies, driving revenue and rounds to RV and golf facilities across the U.S. Various partnerships with other golf-related businesses and RV related organizations will allow RV2Tee.golf to continually expand its network, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable experience to all of its members for years to come, states the release.

“The boom in the RV market means RV golfers are looking for new places to stay and play,” said Kevin Phillips, vice president of sales and development with RV2Tee.golf. “The golfing RV owner represents a significant opportunity to tap into an underserved and rapidly growing market. Our members crave memorable experiences and options when they are traveling and we want to send them directly to your doorstep.”

For just $99 per year, members receive access to the RV2Tee.golf app and website, providing host partner listings and specific host information. Members choose a location on the map and connect directly with the host to book their arrival and departure dates. Members are even encouraged to book a tee time right from the RV2Tee.golf app, explained the release.

Memberships can be purchased online at www.RV2Tee.golf, or through the App Store or Google Play.