RVC Outdoor Destinations, a leading provider and active developer of high-quality outdoor resorts in the United States, has partnered with Outdoorsy, the largest and most trusted global rental marketplace for recreation vehicles, to provide their guests easier access to find rental vehicles and book travel through their sites.

As part of this partnership, RVC Outdoor Destinations guests will be able to quickly and easily find rental vehicles on Outdoorsy in the area of their travels while booking at any of the brand’s destinations across nine states. Conversely, Outdoorsy visitors will be able to conveniently book their stay at any RVC Outdoor Destination while also exploring their rental options.

“We are thrilled to partner with Outdoorsy to make RV travel more convenient and accessible to our guests by expanding their travel options,” said RVC Outdoor Destinations President Lloyd Lauland. “We hope this is just the beginning of a long partnership between our two like-minded brands that share a passion for outdoor adventure.”

“Providing an optimal outdoor experience is a core company value at Outdoorsy and the ability to offer travelers the opportunity to expand their RV rental experience beyond just the rig itself is a milestone we’re excited to continue building upon,” said Outdoorsy co-founder and CEO Jeff Cavins. “RV and campervan travel has always been just as much about the journey as it is the final destination and we’re thrilled to have a destination partner in RVC.”

RVC Outdoor Destinations develops, owns and operates vacation properties set within naturally beautiful environments and in close proximity to local attractions and activities. With resorts spanning nine states, the company is focused on expansion throughout the United States.

About RVC Outdoor Destinations

RVC Outdoor Destinations develops, owns and operates a portfolio of high-quality outdoor vacation properties located within some of the country’s most beautiful natural settings and offering upscale services and amenities. Memphis, Tenn.-based RVC is redefining the traditional camping experience with its original Outdoor Destination concept that provides guests with a customizable outdoor vacation through a variety of affordable lodging options, including RV sites, yurts, cabins and cottages, all with enhanced guest amenities and recreational activities. For more information, please visit www.rvcoutdoors.com or follow RVC Outdoor Destinations on Facebook and Instagram.