Scottsdale, Ariz.-based RVnGO, a peer-to-peer online RV rental marketplace, is honored to have been recognized by the Arizona Commerce Authority as one of the state’s most innovative, fastest-growing and promising companies in the Arizona Innovative Challenge, beating out over 400 entrants to win the finalist prize and grant, according to a press release from RVnGO.

“The word is getting out. We have increased our organic traffic by 50X from pre-Covid levels and continue to see exponential growth in traffic to our website; 500% since September 2020 alone and we have no reason to believe it is slowing down,” noted Richard Saling, chief marketing officer.

“Our rapid growth and being awarded the finalist prize in the Arizona Innovation Challenge validates what we’re trying to do, bringing people closer together with a free peer-to-peer platform for RV rentals. We don’t charge transaction fees to the guest nor host. For hosts renting out their RVs, if you’re going to be found on Google, you might as well also be found on RVnGO for free,” noted Paul Kacir, Founder and Chief Executive Officer