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RVParkTV.com by Its All About Satellites is excited to announce it is collaborating with CTS Technology Solutions, TeleCloud and Safe Castle to provide unmatched network support and Wi-Fi services to enhance the digital landscape and entertainment possibilities for the RV parks and campground industry, according to a press release.

“As the RV park and campground industry continues to gain popularity, reliable and fast network support is often challenging,” states the release. “RVParkTV.com by Its All About Satellites, a technology pioneer in the RV park, hospitality and senior living facility industries, among others immediately recognized these gaps and therefore aimed to revolutionize the way these communities connect and sought the support of other like-minded IT experts.”

CTS Technology Solutions provides back-end support and security, TeleCloud offers 172 providers to deliver reliability and guaranteed low-price internet and phone services, while Safe Castle brings the cabling infrastructure that ties all necessary components together.

“The need for Broadband/Wi-Fi for RV parks and campgrounds is essential today,” said Ted Maes, national sales manager of RVParkTV.com. “In the past, it may have been viewed as an amenity, but with as much as 50% of travelers making their camping stays a working holiday and how many internet-connected devices campers bring with them now this is really a Parks UTILITY.  Guests want to have the same modern-day convenience on the road as they do at home and make decisions on where to stay based on whether your park provides it. I am glad we have a partnership with teams that can make it happen in the industry.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this partnership and be able to make an impact on the RV park and campground communities,” explained Joshua Futrell, CEO of CTS Technology Solutions. “With the use of technology on the constant rise, staying and remaining connected is more important than ever. Our company is also excited to be working with other technology companies that know what it takes to be successful in the always progressing IT landscape.”

“This collaboration with RVParkTV.com by Its All About Satellites,TeleCloud and CTS Technology Solutions is the perfect recipe for success,” said Joseph Daring, COO of Safe Castle. “By coming together and leveraging all the latest advancements in technology, we can create a truly connected experience for RV park and campground visitors.“

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