Hope’s Village of San Luis Obispo, Calif., donated its 30th RV to a homeless veteran on the Central Coast on Saturday (Nov. 8), CalCoastNews.com reported.

Because of donors, more veterans who were living on the streets are now in their own little homes, safe from harm and out of the weather, Hope’s Village President Becky Jorgeson said.

Some are parked in mobile home or RV parks; some are at private clubs (Elks, American Legion, Moose); some choose to be mobile and stay in private, county, state, or national campgrounds. Some have left the state for greener pastures.

After three years, Hope’s Village is turning this successful program over to Paso Cares. Vice President Cherie Michaelson has mechanics on board who volunteer their time to work on RVs needing repair.

It’s a simple program – no money exchanges hands, no liability incurred, no lengthy paperwork or process. The program hooks the donor up with the veteran in need. They go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, change the title, and get the vehicle registered. Insurance is purchased, and off the veteran goes with his or her home on wheels.

Jorgeson said they get calls from all over the country about this program and advise others how to start it up — with a desire to help, a telephone and a computer. Thanks to the simplicity and success of this program, people in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Diego counties are starting their own RVs for veterans programs.

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