RVshare, an online community for RV owners and renters, is giving away up to $500,000 in gas ahead of the biggest travel weekend of the summer, the Fourth of July. With gas prices likely to remain elevated throughout the summer travel season, RVshare wants to help ease consumers’ worries at the pump. According to a recent survey of RVshare renters, 68% of travelers said they are very likely to take a road trip this summer, however, 58% of respondents said they did factor gas prices into their plans.

“The pledge to pay for renters’ gas is coming at a crucial time for consumers as summer travel is ramping up and prices remain inflated,” said RVshare’s CEO Jon Gray. “The RV travel boom is pressing on and RVshare wants to help alleviate some concerns that renters might have this summer.”

While many are eager to get out of Dodge this summer, elevated inflation rates and gas prices have still put a few dents in some travelers’ plans. RVshare found that 16% of travelers reported that increased prices have hindered or completely halted their plans. When asked if inflation has affected consumers’ willingness or ability to travel this summer, 45% claim that it has but they are looking into more affordable options, while 20% state they are finding ways to cut costs in other areas to move forward with current plans.

According to Phocuswright, 47% of younger travelers (18-34) are eager to take an RV trip in the next 12 months, an increase of 7% over the previous year. RVshare is currently seeing a 40% increase in business compared to last year, and despite concerns over rising gas prices, internal RVshare insights show that the average cost increase of an RV trip is just $35 per trip compared to 2021. That may be why 55% of travelers are claiming to have an RV trip planned in the next 60 days.

For those renters who are planning to travel this summer, RVshare insights show that the top destinations are Grand Canyon National Park, Glacier National Park, Ginnie Springs, Yosemite National Park and Mount Rushmore. The Traveler Sentiment Survey reveals that 53%of respondents claim they need a vacation and are looking forward to relaxing, while 45% are excited to just get outside and explore what the great outdoors has to offer.

“RV travel is an industry that’s been more protected by increasing inflation rates, due to some of the services that RVshare offers. We are seeing the average distance traveled is down compared to last year, but it is a reminder that you don’t have to go far to enjoy the great outdoors. Weary travelers looking to avoid the extra mileage should also take advantage of RVshare’s rentals that offer delivery right to their destination or campsite,” says Gray.

The gas reimbursement is available to RVshare travelers through August 15. To apply for reimbursement, visit https://pages.rvshare.com/gas-rebate/. Eligible applicants will receive $25 for trips five days or fewer and $50 for trips six days or more.

For additional information about RVshare, visit rvshare.com.