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Jon Gray, CEO of RVsharejoins Yahoo Finance to break down the outlook for the RV business heading into the Fourth of July holiday weekend and how business has changed after a year of the pandemic.

Yahoo Finance: Joining us now is the CEO of RVshare, Jon Gray. Jon, good to see you again. I know the last time you were with us was just before Memorial Day weekend. And you said that demand was very strong. Here we are with the Fourth of July weekend just a few days away and I’m curious if some of that demand has started to pull back a little bit.

Jon Gray Not at all. I mean, demand is actually stronger. When I was here last time, I said, going into Memorial Day, that it was going to be our biggest bookings day ever. And that was true. What we’re seeing happen for the 4th of July is it’s going to be even bigger. And our expectation is that will be even bigger than that by Labor Day. The industry continues to grow.

We’re seeing a lot more people travel. I think there are people returning to air travel. We’re seeing that in the numbers we’re getting out of TSA. But we’re also seeing a greater number of trips per traveler. With some of the flexibility that’s come in as companies roll out more flexible working schedules, people are taking their work with them. They’re going on longer trips. And they’re focusing more on value. And all of that’s really good for the RV industry.

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