RVshare has announced the launch of its imaginative new brand campaign, “Use Your Outside Voice,” created in partnership with the creative team at Copacino Fujikado.

“As an online community for RV renters and owners, RVshare’s company ethos is centered on the spirit of the open road. As RVing has become more popular than ever the past few years, RVshare’s campaign captures the unbridled freedom RV travel provides,” the release states. “’Use Your Outside Voice’ reminds travelers of the spontaneous delights that await on a road trip — the joy of testing the booming echoes of a canyon, hollering out the window, flopping onto a top bunk because you called “dibs” or having ice cream for breakfast. It’s all because you can embrace it! RVshare empowers RV renters and owners to use their outside voices and welcome the nonconformity and uncomplicated moments of RV life.”

“We’re thrilled to work with the brilliant minds at Copacino Fujikado to introduce our new brand campaign ‘Use Your Outside Voice,’” said RVshare’s Vice President of Marketing Martijn Scheijbeler. “RVshare offers the liberty to go where you want, when you want to, without inhibition. Our team hopes this campaign, along with RVshare’s renewed brand identity, fuels inspiration for both RV aficionados and road trip enthusiasts alike to hit the open roads with RVshare.”

An example of a digital ad using the new marketing campaign.

“It’s been a great journey developing this campaign with RVshare. ‘Use Your Outside Voice’ is all about stepping outside of your daily routine to savor the exhilarating moments people experience while traveling. We were inspired by the sheer number of options RVshare provides on their platform – allowing renters to choose from thousands of vehicles across the country – with so much at your fingertips, the opportunities for memories and adventure are endless,” said Copacino Fujikado’s CEO Scott Foreman.

On June 9, RVshare debuted a series of memorable campaign videos, directed by Janssen Powers and the expert filmmaking team at Farm League. The new spots are available to stream on YouTube and social media and will be running in eight key markets across the U.S. The brand has also introduced a new logo in tandem with the campaign, embodying the lively, inclusive spirit of RVshare.

Watch the first of the video series below or by clicking here.

RVshare’s business has grown more than ten times in the past five years and yet the popularity of RVing continues to rise, notes the release. As interest in domestic destinations also rises, people are more motivated than ever to explore US destinations and experience outdoor travel. Revenue from bookings on RVshare is up nearly 40% in 2022, compared to just last year, as the category gains momentum and enters the mainstream.

For more information on RVshare, visit https://rvshare.com.