Outdoor personality Scott Linden is the host of a new podcast for RVers every Sunday on RVTravel.com.

RVTravel.com, one of the world’s largest sources of information about RV camping, has expanded into yet another media channel. A new podcast hosted by well-known outdoor personality Scott Linden debuted on the RVTravel.com website Sunday (April 4).

Linden’s podcast will be a regular feature of RVTravel.com every Sunday, said RVTravel.com’s Chuck Woodbury.
“We want to provide our audience of RVers fun, informative content using every platform available, so it seemed natural to add a podcast to our offerings,” Woodbury said. “Scott has a real passion for all things outdoors and a burning desire to help everyone squeeze more enjoyment out of the time they spend outside.
“He’s also one of the best I’ve seen at both telling compelling stories and coaxing compelling stories out of others,” Woodbury said. “He’s the perfect host for our podcast.”
Linden’s primary focus in recent years have been bird hunting and the shooting sports. Along the way, he’s become an avid RVer who knows and appreciates the joys and the challenges of RVing.
Each Sunday, Linden will visit with guests on various topics that are top of mind for recreational vehicle enthusiasts.
“Podcasting is much like radio broadcasting,” Linden said. “Yet one advantage podcasting has over radio is that you can listen to podcasts on your own schedule, and the library of past episodes is always available if you happen to miss a good topic.”
Listeners can go to the RVTravel.com website every Sunday to listen the latest episode, and to access previous shows.
“The list of possible podcast topics of high interest to RVers is endless,” Woodbury said. “I know that Scott’s podcast will be a thoughtful, timely, and fun way for us to communicate information that RVers need to know.”