A sign for a nudist RV resortEDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an edited excerpt from a report by Tony Barthel for RVTravel.com.

Would you stay at a clothing-optional or nudist RV resort? That was a question we posed in this recent poll, and a surprising number of you said you would. In fact, based on the comments, a surprising number of people said that they had! This led to questions by us about the experience and motivation, so we sought out a few people to find the bare facts and get the naked truth about clothing-optional RV resorts.

What are nudist RV resorts?

Clothing-optional RV resorts are as varied as any other type of place to take your RV. Some of these feature a huge variety of premium amenities, others are just spots in the desert. We found that some of these resorts offer both transient (overnighting) accommodations and also the opportunity to live there full-time in either your own RV or in park model RVs and such.

Several of the resorts we found also offered primitive spots for tents or RVs without hookups.

What makes these different from the place you may be staying right now is that there is the opportunity to exit your RV without any clothes on. This varies, as well. Some have specific clothing-optional sections of the resort; others are not restricted at all.

Who stays at clothing-optional RV resorts?

The people who stay at these resorts and their motivations are as varied as any RV campground.

“It’s about getting back to nature and letting the sun kiss your skin and relax and rejuvenate,” said Kari Wood, who now lives at a park called Laguna del Sol near Sacramento, California.

Before some of you dismiss the place as just for Californians, know that there are clothing-optional resorts all across this great land. Indeed, one of the camping spots that pops up in Arizona is in Quartzsite. It is called Magic Circle.

“The BLM loves Magic Circle because the campers leave the place cleaner than they found it,” said Kari of the experience. In fact, the site has grown over the past few years simply because of the condition it’s left in. You may have read here that there seems to be a rash of people leaving places in disarray, so the BLM is going to look favorably on sites that are left in good condition.

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