A handful of South Dakota lawmakers hope to slash the 1 1/2%  tourism tax, a move that has many worried about the impact on the tourism industry and the money it generates.

According to KOTA, some lawmakers are pondering House Bill 1206, which if passed, would cut the tourism sales tax by half-a-percent.

This would impact all lodging establishments, campgrounds, visitor attractions, as well as other tourism related businesses.

One of the bill’s backers, West River Representative Tom Brunner of Nisland, says trimming the tourism tax helps locals.

“It tells the industry that its okay to charge more sales tax, because its all out of state dollars…well its not…there’s a lot of people from South Dakota that visit these tourist destinations. We think its unfair that local people should have to pay more tax to visit a local destination,” said Brunner.

Julie Schmitz Jensen with Visit Rapid City says it only hurts the state.

“The visitor industry itself reduces property taxes to each home in this city by $871 a year,” she said. “So, you start cutting the number of visitors that come to the Black Hills and to Rapid City, and to the state of South Dakota and people lose their jobs”