A major vote is scheduled to take place in Lakeside today (June 17), as leaders of the Helix Water District in San Diego decide what to do with the campground at Lake Jennings, according to a report by SD6 news station.

The site, which has been the destination for many family vacations was built back in the 1960’s and is at risk of permanently closing.

The campground here used to be operated by San Diego County leaders until the Helix Water District took it over in 2008 and since then officials have been working hard to keep the doors open.

For more than 30 years, families have visited Lake Jennings in Lakeside for its fishing, its campground and great view.

“What’s really nice about Lake Jennings is that we are literally 20 minutes outside urban San Diego, so you can come up the 8 freeway, get off on Lake Jennings road and feel like you’re in the mountains,” said Mike Uhrhammer with the Helix Water District.

Officials with Helix Water District are considering to either leave the campground open for one more year and see if it’s worth keeping open indefinitely or permanently shut it down.

“This campground is just 97 spaces and so it’s very hard to generate enough revenues for this campground to pay its operating cost,” said Uhrhammer.

Helix estimates the campground to cost more than $200,000 to run, which officials say is more than the revenue it brings in.

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