A Salt Lake City developer has plans for a 134-lot recreational vehicle project near the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Egin, Idaho.
Golden Sands RV Resort is the name of the proposal, which had its first review by the Fremont County Planning and Zoning Commission in November, according to the Rexburg, Idaho, Standard Journal.
The development would be in northeastern Idaho, about seven miles west of St. Anthony near the Desert Oasis resort and not far from the Bureau of Land Management’s Egin Lakes Recreation Area and campground.
Developer Chris Wright told the commissioners his company would sell the lots, which would average about 4,500 square feet, to individual owners.
The owners would have the option of renting the lots to fellow RVers, similar to a timeshare operation.
A homeowners association would be responsible for park maintenance. Rules, such as requiring RVs to move at least once every two weeks, would prevent the development from becoming a trailer park, Wright said.
The development sits on about 33 acres of land. The county’s development code requires subdivision lots in nonproductive agricultural areas to have densities not less than 2.5 acres per lot.
So the question of how to define the development – as an RV park or a subdivision – became the subject of a few minutes debate at the sketch plan review.
Planning and Building Administrator Jeff Patlovich argued that the project is a subdivision and, under county and state codes, it must be considered as such if the developers intend to sell individual lots.
Commissioner Steve Pinther said he didn’t believe the project qualified as an RV park based on the code’s definition of RV parks.
Fremont County Attorney Karl Lewies weighed in on the opposite side. He said he thinks the RV park classification should apply.
“They are not mutually exclusive,” he said of the two classifications. “They want to subdivide to create an RV park. I think it’s an easy call.”
Then he told the commissioners it was their job to interpret the code and make a decision.
When a vote was taken, the measure was approved to consider the project a subdivision and applying the RV park provisions in the code’s appendix.
Before the developers move forward, a large-scale development study must be conducted. The commissioners voted to authorize Patlovich to start that process. The developers foot that cost.