Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder, principle of Roadabode Productions, founder of the Digital Marketing Workshop, and co-author of “Unconventional Wisdom Works: 25 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Outdoor Recreation Business Today” has been tapped to contribute to the Small Business page on the extremely popular Huffington Post.

“Elevating the exposure of the outdoor recreation industry and bringing awareness of the pleasures and benefits of an active outdoor vacation have been and continue to be high-level priorities in my business life – both B2B and B2C,” Schmarder stated in a news release. “This opportunity allows me to position our industry in a progressive and exciting light, bringing top of mind awareness to the leisure alternatives that we offer the public as well as the power of our vast, yet under the radar, industry,” she continued.

Schmarder is developing a series of small business video interviews for the Huffington Post and invites “thought leaders” in all sectors of the outdoor recreation industry to contact her at evanne@roadabode.com or (702) 460-9863 for consideration.