Breaking down conventional barriers, the first definitive marketing book written specifically for the outdoor recreation industry – “Unconventional Wisdom Works – 25 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Outdoor Recreation Business Today” – is scheduled to be released on Sept. 27. The book is authored by Evanne Schmarder and Peter Pelland.

According to a press release, industry leaders including David Gorin, president of David Gorin Associates and Best Parks in America; Phil Ingrassia, president of the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA); and Jim Rogers, Chairman/CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA) have given good reviews to “Unconventional Wisdom Works” prior to its publishing.

Gorin: “Schmarder and Pelland have hit the nail precisely on the head with this book. They’ve written a must-read for both experienced business owners and novices. I highly recommend this book for everyone with responsibility for the marketing of a recreation business.” 

Ingrassia: “The book identifies easy-to-follow strategies that can help drive business development for outdoor recreation retailers and service providers.”

Rogers: “Schmarder and Pelland have done a great service for recreation managers and leaders by combining in one book management concepts, online marketing insights, recommendations, hot tips and practical applications that are in sync with today’s requirements for successful outdoor business management.” 

“We are greatly looking forward to the release of ‘Unconventional Wisdom Works’ and are humbled by the kind and generous endorsements from such successful industry titans as David, Phil and Jim,” said Schmarder. “Peter and I are confident business owners and operators will gain new knowledge and insight as well take a fresh look at their current marketing strategies, building and growing their businesses as a result of reading this book.”

“Over the years, small business owners – particularly those in the outdoor recreation segment – have suspected that there were better ways to grow their businesses and to ensure their success. What Evanne and I have done is to create a comprehensive compilation of practical advice that combines age-old marketing principles with the most cutting-edge digital age techniques,” added Pelland. “Nobody reading this book will be left hungering for more information, with that all-too-common feeling that they have been served mere literary appetizers while the authors have withheld both the entrées and the desserts. Evanne and I have the culinary skills to prepare and serve our readers what we believe they will agree is a full-course reader’s delight.”

Pre-orders will become available prior to the public launch. With the public release date one week away, there’s still time for interested parties to add their name to the pre-order list. To add your name to the pre-order list please visit www.UnconventionalWisdomWorks.com and “join our list”.