A man suspected of fatally shooting his daughter-in-law, then fleeing to the woods of Harriman State Park last Monday (Sept. 24), has still not been found.

The New York Times reported that his presence was everywhere: in the locked gates to a beach and campground; on the local news, where the authorities have been warning people to stay away from the woods; and in the recent emptiness of the park, which on typical fall weekends attracts crowds of city dwellers and foreign tourists admiring the turning leaves.

After six days, the police were still combing the park, which covers more than 46,000 acres near this Rockland County town, in search of the suspect, Eugene Palmer, 73.

Despite aerial help from a Defense Department helicopter, the trail went cold Tuesday, when the police found Mr. Palmer’s abandoned pickup truck and then a campfire they believed to be his. They have said they believe that Mr. Palmer, a veteran outdoorsman and hunter who relatives say has been roaming the Harriman woods since he was a child, is armed with a shotgun and possibly a rifle.

“Due to the ongoing police search, Lake Welch is closed until further notice,” read a small sign affixed to the entrance to the Lake Welch beach.