RV There Yet? TV SeriesBetween YouTube, social, blogs, magazines and television, there is no shortage of content to entertain, inform and educate the RV enthusiast. In fact, the choices have never been greater.

“RV There Yet” TV is one of the new generations of programs that takes a different twist. Set to begin its second season on Dec. 31 on the Discovery Channel, the half-hour show focuses less on the mechanics of RVing — the DIY, maintenance, how-to, and product reviews — and instead concentrates on the adventuresome travel the RV makes possible.

“We want to inspire our audience to get out and explore,” “RV There Yet” Chief Operating Officer Patrice McCabe told WOODALLSCM.com. “The concept of our program is that we travel the United States, experiencing campgrounds and local communities. Along the way, we discover the area’s flavor, learn the history, meet the people and taste the foods.”

McCabe and her husband, Kevin, executive producer, serve as the hosts of “RV There Yet”. However, the two are no strangers to outdoor-focused entertainment, having created and produced “Addictive Fishing”, which also aired on the Discovery Channel and enjoyed a 22-year run.

Ironically, “RV There Yet” came about when the pandemic made producing a fishing-oriented show virtually impossible.

“We, like other production companies, struggled with all the restrictions,” McCabe explained. “Kevin suggested to Discovery that we develop an RV travel show to replace the fishing program. The network said, ‘Yes, do it. RVs are hot now.’ The rest, as they say, is history.

“This country has so much to offer. What we bring to the audience is what we actually do.” McCabe continued, “We uncover the history of the area we are visiting, how it was settled, and talk with the people living there. Since Kevin and I both like to hike, we visit the state or national parks nearby, talk to the ranger, and get involved. So many people don’t know that these lands have been set aside for us as Americans to enjoy and learn from.”

“RV There Yet” Season 2 will continue the travel and exploration themes while adding a new dimension in shining a spotlight on American small family businesses. “Generational success stories” is how Patrice described them. Among this season’s offerings:

Season 2 of “RV There Yet” will premiere on the Discovery Channel at 8 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 31, and in April on MotorTrend Network. The series will also be online through Discovery GO, Amazon Prime, ROKU, Sling TV fuboTV, Facebook and YouTube. You can learn more and find past episodes here.