Members of the Hurtado and Medrano families who recently came to Canyon RV Park in their RVs and tents, while other family members rented park model cabins. Photo courtesy of Jeff Crider Photography.

Hidden from the 91 freeway in a forest of sycamores and cottonwoods next to the Santa Ana River in Southern California is a favorite weekend retreat for members of the Hurtado and Medrano families.

Their destination: Canyon RV Park.

The 140-site Anaheim park offers a mix of RV and tent sites as well as park model cabins that rent for about $60 a night, according to a news release.

“For $60, you can’t go wrong,” said Jessie Cortez, one of about 30 members of the Hurtado and Medrano families who had a family reunion at Canyon RV Park over Memorial Day Weekend.

Some of them came in RVs, while others pitched tents. They also rented park model cabins, which the park installed in an effort to accommodate people who don’t have RVs and don’t want to camp in a tent.

“I know a lot of people who would like to go camping, but they may not be able to afford an RV and don’t want to stay in a tent,” said David Guerrero. So the park model rental cabins are a perfect fit.

Canyon RV Park is one of only a handful of campgrounds in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas that offer park model cabins for rent. And they’re in hot demand.

Sean Gallant, a front desk clerk for Canyon RV Park, said the cabins are heavily booked through mid-July, partly because they are clean and comfortable and have their own bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The Hurtado and Medrano families like them so much they rent them just about every Memorial Day and Labor Day and sometimes other weekends in between, said Lupe Medrano, adding that the families have been renting campsites and cabins at Canyon RV Park for the past few years.

Some of the cabins at Canyon RV Park.

They typically have barbecues together.

“We do a bonfire at night and roast marshmallows,” Medrano said.

The Hurtados and Medranos also like the cleanliness of Canyon RV Park, its swimming pool and the fact that it provides a safe and secure environment for their families to enjoy barbecues and other activities in the great outdoors. A security gate prevents people other than paid guests from entering the park and there are enough trees to create a scenic environment, even though the park is minutes from downtown Anaheim.

The park, which is located next to the Santa Ana River Bike Trail, also has a ropes course, which is operated by a private concessionaire, and is available for use by advance reservation.

For more information on Canyon RV Park, visit its website at www.canyonrvpark.com.