Sue Lang started off a city council meeting in Seward, Alaska, Monday (Jan. 27) by relating a recent encounter she had with some squatters at a Lowell Point campground she manages, the Seward Phoenix Log reported.

The trespassers commented that they’d spend more time and enjoy themselves more but for the smell from the city’s Lowell Point sewage and wastewaster lagoon. Lang used this tale to preface her insistence that the city take action before her paying customers start showing up May 2.

She warned that the city would be billed for every reservation cancellation attributable to stinks emitted by the facility.

The city’s administration, in turn, asked for permission from the council to earmark $500,000 of reserve funds to dedicate to long-overdue dredging for the facility.

City officials have been facing a rising tide of complaints concerning the sewage lagoon since last summer when the smell reportedly achieved crisis proportions.

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