A group of RVers gathered for their traditional stay at Shady Oaks Campground in Manitoba, this past weekend, according to portageonline.com.

FMCA’s local chapter, Canadian Northern Lights, saw coaches ranging from decades-old models to high-dollar brand new versions grouped together in a section of the park usually reserved for them.

John Morrow is the national director for the Canadian Northern Lights chapter and says FMCA is a national organization in both Canada and the U.S. that gathers members who love to RV.

“I’ve been with the group since 1984,” says Morrow. “You had to get so many members to form a chapter, then you go from there and set up your association with FMCA. You would take in the major rallies at your pace. We’ve had summer rallies with as many as 7,600 coaches.”

He notes their numbers for the overall organization have dwindled due to young people not jumping into motorcoaches as much as in the past. He notes the club used to restrict membership to those with motorcoaches, but they’ve since decided to allow all types of RVs which has increased membership.

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