The shutdown of the federal government is expanding to include privately run campgrounds in national forests across the country, according to a report by New Hampshire Public Radio.

“We are in the process of shutting these operations down at facilities across the country due to the lapse in funding,” wrote U.S. Forest Service spokesman Leo Kay in an e-mail. “Some closures have already taken place while others are still in progress.”

That is expected to include 22 campgrounds in The White Mountain National Forest operated by Pro Sports Inc. of Campton.

However Kent Tower, the owner of Pro Sports, said he has not yet been told to close and expects to be open this weekend. The campgrounds were scheduled to close Oct. 14.

The closings are unwarranted because the campgrounds are operated by private businesses that do not need federal help, said Marily Reese, the executive director of the National Forest Recreation Association. It represents about 150 companies nationwide that operate campgrounds in national forests.

“It is a huge impact to our business owners for this loss of business and it is just a heartbreaking, heartbreaking result for the public and there is really no reason because these sites don’t require federal funding,” she said in an interview.

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