Campgrounds in Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes and other federally funded parks and wildlife refuges are closed. As reported by WPSD-TV, Paducah, signs and barricades are nearly everywhere through the area.

Hillman Ferry and Wranglers Campgrounds and Clarks River Refuge are just a few facilities closed because of the government shutdown.

Most campers left their campsites, some stayed behind, and others are still in limbo.  One man was unable to camp and unable to get his camping equipment.

One small pad lock had a profound impact on a local man who said all he wanted was to go on vacation. Instead his stuff was trapped beyond the gate at Hillman Ferry and he said for days local law enforcement was no help, neither were the people who still live on the campground despite the fact the campground is closed.

Tom Daughhetee wants to buy a brand new camper but there’s a problem.

“It’s hard for a salesman to make a trade when they can’t see what you’ve got,” Daughhette said.

Daughhetee’s camper, truck, golf cart, and supplies were stuck at Hillman Ferry Campground.

He left two weeks ago, returned this weekend to get his property after hearing of the shutdown, but people still living within the campground wouldn’t give him the key to the gate.

“I understand the campground’s closed, we’re not asking for that, we’re just asking to get our property back,” Daughhetee said.

The instructions and number left on this door gave him hope, but he said the person on the phone was less than helpful.

So Tuesday he called, again.

We caught up with one man still living on the campground who said he and three others had permission to stay.

Daughhetee said it’s frustrating, because it’s impossible to “trade up” when you can’t get your hands on your “trade-in.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, a park ranger called Daughhetee to make arrangements to pick up his property.