Beaver Lake

April starts the beginning of open season for six local parks on Arkansas’ Beaver Lake.

Prairie Creek Campground, Hickory Creek Park, Lost Bridge North Campground, Dam Site Lake Campground, Dam Site River Campground and Horseshoe Bend Campground all opened for campers April 1.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Beaver Office is warning boaters and campers about mud and debris, according to OzarksFirst.com.

“We want to warn everybody to wear a life jacket, be careful, have a spotter on the front of the boat,” Alan Bland, a park ranger for Beaver Lake said.

Water has risen six feet because of rain this week. Ten individual campsites are temporarily blocked off.

“Be patient. It will take about a month for that mud line to disappear and by memorial weekend, unless we get massive floods and it rains more, the water will be clear again and we should be really good to go,” Bland said.

Despite this, Bland says the parks are otherwise in good shape.

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