Skyline Champion Corp., the largest builder of park model RVs in the U.S., will be introducing the new “Crystal Cottage” at the RVX show in Salt Lake City, Utah, this March, according to a press release.

The new Crystal Cottage, produced in the company’s Chandler, Ariz., plant, will have a rugged exterior with double French doors, transom windows and a large front porch.

“What we are most excited to show everyone in the Crystal Cottage is our new “Ultimate Kitchen Three” (UK3), featuring lots of new kitchen trends for 2019,” said Dick Grymonprez, Skyline Champion’s director of park model sales. “It’s amazing.” 

Workstation sinks are a growing trend and the UK3 farm house sink is not only great looking, it also adds functionality. Equipped with three attachments: a straining basket, drying rack and cutting board. The sink also contains a protective bottom rack that helps prevent scratches to the stainless-steel finish. Additional touches like floating shelves, a stainless steel slide-in range, with easy to access controls, and a Euro-range hood give it a contemporary design.

“Over the last few years our company has seen a tremendous growth in more upscale park models,” said Grymonprez. “Whether it’s for seasonal, weekend or even vacation rentals we are seeing customers wanting all the amenities that they can get on their park models.” 

Since the companies joined in June 2018, Skyline Champion has seen its park model sales continue to grow at a steady pace, noted the release. With 13 plants located around the U.S., Skyline Champion building under the popular brand names; Athens Park, Shore Park, Silvercrest and Highland can build park models to meet local needs with lower freight and better customer service, according to the release.