Glamping Show Expo

The Glamping Show USA remained busy during its first day on Oct. 5.

David Korse, the organizer of The Glamping Show USA couldn’t believe the type of energy that the first day of the show had.

“It is amazing to us how much energy is in this building,” Korse explained. “We had energy during our last in-person show in 2019 too, but people, whether it is because they are happy to be back in-person or whether they are just enthusiastic about the industry, it could be any or all of those things, are just happy to be here. Exhibitors are psyched, attendees are psyched and the speakers are doing a great job. It kind of has been a daylong business party and we are having a great time.”

The event runs through today at the  Arapahoe County Fairgrounds Event Center in Aurora, Colo.

With more than 1,000 people registered for the conference, vendors and educational sessions stayed busy all day, as attendees included a good mix of people looking to get into the glamping business and others that were looking to grow their existing businesses.

“I don’t know if it is pandemic related because people are looking for a change, but people are looking at glamping as a real career or investment opportunity,” said Korse. “They are spending the time and the money to be here and to look at what the industry has to offer. They are not just window shopping, they are taking the steps to see if this is the route for them and others are in the early stages of development.”

The show’s expo, which includes more than 70 vendors, was busy throughout the day and vendors told WOODALLSCM.com that they spoke with a bunch of interested clients. Heidi Doyle, of Utility Supply Group, noted that she ran out of printed collateral and was hoping FedEx would deliver her more in time for Day 2.

“We could not be happier,” she said. “We have already spoken with hundreds of people.”

Doyle noted that solar was on the minds of many of the people she spoke with.

“We have had a lot of people asking about solar lighting and power options,” she said.

Korse said that many of the vendors he spoke with noted that they are nabbing real prospects as opposed to people just taking a cursory glance at things.

Day 2 of the conference is set to feature four more educational sessions, along with a full-day expo.

Take a look at the conference’s sessions by clicking here. 

To see an updated layout of the show’s expo, click here.