Snowbirds are making their migration to the southwest following the first winter blast of the season, Tucson, Ariz., television station KVOA reported.

Climate is one of Arizona’s biggest economic drivers, especially as winter visitors flee their homes in colder parts of the country. Many of southern Arizona’s winter residents fill up the RV parks, resulting in millions of dollars being dumped into the local economy.

Delight Pitman spends her winters at the South Forty RV Park on the northwest side of Tucson. She makes it a point to get into Tucson before winter hits her home in Illinois.

Pitman said there is no way she would even go outside today if she was stuck at her permanent residence.

“I’d probably be making soup and thinking it’s too cold to go out any place this evening,” said Pitman.

CoyAnne Krysta used to be a winter visitor herself before moving down to Tucson permanently from a frigid Canada. Krysta now manages the park that ranges from around 100 residents in the summer to 400 in the winter.

“They start to migrate in sections really,” said Krysta. “We’ll see another group at the end of November and a group in December after they spend Christmas with their families.”

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