With temperatures reaching the high 70s, owners of Prince of Tucson RV Park said they’re noticing more visitors are coming down to soak up the sun, KVOA-TV, Tucson, Ariz., reported.

“You know they’ve been going through sleet and snow, and they pull in here and they see some green grass and it’s 70, it’s a big sigh of relief,” Owner David Christman said.

Bette Hartfield and others from the Midwest say they couldn’t ask for better weather.

“It beats what we have back in the Midwest this time of year, I mean it’s beautiful out here,” Hartfield said.

Roger Fontaine, who traveled all the way from Canada, said every year he makes a trip to Tucson to get away from those cold temperatures.

“We got fed up with those cold winters and we traveled around the Southern U.S. and we found Tucson and enjoyed it,” Fontaine said.

According to Arizona State officials, tourism added $2 billion to Pima County’s economy last year.