EDITOR’S NOTE: The April/May issue of Snowbirds & RV Travelers magazine is now available at newsstands from coast to coast, including Walmart, Chapters and Shopper’s Drug Mart. Or you can subscribe to the magazine’s print or digital issues. Below is the publisher’s note accompanying this edition of the magazine.

Now It was during the overcast days of winter when we sat down to plan this spring edition of Snowbirds and RV Travelers. It was when the temperatures were commonly well below zero, when short days turned into long nights, and when travelling to favourite destinations was strictly limited or non-existent. So, by the time you have this issue in your hands, the sun should be shining a little brighter, greener landscapes more prevalent and the opportunity to hit the road is becoming a reality again.

Spring is always a special time and it’s perhaps more significant this year than ever before. For RVers, at least, it’s when thoughts of the open road come to mind and plans for upcoming destinations begin to unfold. Although it may be another month or so before campgrounds show any sign of real activity, planning for the new season should begin in the spring – and no later.

For example, rather than wait until just a few days before the forecast promises double-digit temps to get your RV back in tip-top shape after the long winter, there’s no time like the present. Take advantage of the time now to get all the tasks of de-winterizing out of the way so you’ll be ready to start clocking the kilometres in an efficient manner at the first sign of warmer weather.

Getting your RV ready for the summer is not exactly rocket science. But it does take time and some planning. Starting early gives you the chance to update any gear, which may have broken during that last trip in the fall, service the engine (for a motorhome or tow vehicle), and get that much-needed spring cleaning out of the way. After all, it all goes back to the popular adage, a “good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”