Snowbirds Snowbirds & RV Travelers, a monthly RV lifestyle magazine, is now publishing a weekly show for RV travel enthusiasts from casual to veterans, weekenders to full-timers, stay-cationers to snowbirds, according to a press release.

Hosts talk about destinations, travel tips, reviews, trends, hacks, tech and the latest news affecting the RV experience.

Listen to the first two episodes below:

S01 E01 – Save Time and Money with Shorter RV Trips – With the high cost of fuel, planning short weekend trips is one of the best ways to still enjoy great RV getaways without feeling too much of an impact at the pumps. However, choosing a destination close to home may not be as easy as it seems.

There are two different types of RV trips. Longer ones that last more than three days and shorter ones that are less than three days. Both are very different and you need to plan more carefully for the latter to get the most out of your time on the road.

When planning short weekend trips here are some smart ways to choose the right destinations and campgrounds for enjoyable RV experiences …

S01 E02 – Fall RV Shows are back!After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, three consumer RV shows across Canada are set to resume this fall in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, providing visitors with the opportunity to browse new models, aftermarket accessories and a variety of RV services.

Although supply chain issues and inventory levels have been a challenge for RV manufacturers and dealers in recent years, Natalie Conway, executive director of the Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ORVDA), which will be producing the 2022 Toronto Fall RV Show from Oct. 14-16, is optimistic about the selection of models at this year’s event.