Sodus Point KOA

The Sodus Point/Lake Ontario KOA Journey is set to open early due to the eclipse. Credit: Wendy Mills/Spectrum News

Camping season in New York typically starts around May, but some campgrounds are opening early for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the total solar eclipse that’s happening in two months, according to Spectrum News.

The Sodus Point/Lake Ontario KOA Journey on Lake Ontario in Wayne County is opening early to welcome skygazers for what will be a spectacular view of the eclipse. It’s in the path of totality.

When Jaclyn Gingrich and her family of five saw that South Shores, now a KOA, was for sale in Sodus Point they knew they had to buy it.

“When you look at it, it is just so absolutely beautiful. When the eclipse comes, it is going to come right over. It is just going to be this phenomenal view,” said Jaclyn Gingrich, owner of Sodus Point/Lake Ontario KOA. “The park will be open and we will be full and we will be right here.”

It’ll be a front-row seat for the sun and the Moon and its premiere production on April 8.

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