In west central South Carolina, the Aiken County Council is set to consider final reading tonight (Oct. 16) of an ordinance proposing modifications to codes on RV parks and campgrounds, the Aiken Standard reported.

The changes have been the subject of debate in the council for several months, with some believing existing code is too stringent, while others are concerned that relaxing the code will invite a host of unintended consequences.

The suggested code modifications are that an RV park and campground be a minimum of 2 acres instead of 5; and that maximum density not exceed 12 vehicles or campsites per acre instead of 10.

It was also proposed that minimum setbacks, among others, be 30 feet from a local street and 20 from other RVs and structures. But, the council approved an amendment in September that reverts the setbacks to the original minimum of 50 feet.

Caroline Sparks and Bob Samples, each owners of RV parks in Aiken County, have urged the council to approve the changes. Both of their facilities have been shut down for not meeting current code requirements, but both have applications to reopen pending in the Planning and Development Department.

“This is a real interesting example of a zoning issue,” said Councilman Gary Bunker. “There is a majority that wants to assist these couple of RV parks that have fallen through the cracks, and not punish them. Then there is a majority that doesn’t want to see the codes open so wide. What’s good for two may be a problem for 20. There is a lot of wanting to make things work on Council.”

Councilwoman LaWana McKenzie said she is worried the council is being prompted to change code to accommodate two people.

“When we passed it, we were OK with it. If we changed the codes every time someone complained, we would change the codes all the time. No one would ever know what to do. I am not against RV parks, but I personally don’t think the regulations should be changed,” she said.