Mobile homes at Larson’s Landing RV Park are literally sinking. And even though water releases from Gavin’s Point Dam are decreasing to 150,000 cubic feet per second on July 30th, that’s still not going to be much to prevent it from become a total loss.

Doug Larson has owned Larson’s Landing for 20 years, but now he’s been forced to watch his two decades of work get swallowed by the Missouri River, KCAU-TV, Sioux City, Iowa, reported.

“We had it built just about to where we wanted it and all of a sudden everything’s gone. I mean it’s gone,” said Larson.

Larson says 17 of the 22 mobile homes are a total loss. But at least now there is as light at the end of the tunnel as the Army Corps says it plans to start decreasing water releases from Gavin’s Point Dam starting July 30th.

“If they lower it down to 150 this water down here will drop about a foot which will take a lot of pressure off our sandbags and our walls that we’re trying to protect our land with so we’ll take it any time they can give it to us,” said Larson.

So for now he’s at the mercy of the river until the flood waters recede and then it’s time to start over.

“Waiting is terrible. Just trying to imagine how we’re going to put this thing back together is mind bottling. I don’t even know where to start with that one but I’ll tell you what, we’ll do it,” said Larson.