Map shows locations of campgrounds along the St. Lawrence River.

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission will celebrate the opening of its campgrounds and day-use areas soon.

According to OurHometown.ca, the dates for campgrounds are:

  • May 18 to Oct. 8 – Farran campground at Ingleside, Glengarry campground at Lancaster, Ivy Lea campground at Lansdowne near the Ivy Lea Suspension bridge on the Thousand Islands Parkway, McLaren campground at Long Sault Parkway, and Riverside-Cedar campground between Ingleside and Morrisburg.
  • May 18 to Sept. 3 – Lock 21 campground and Woodlands campground both at Long Sault Parkway.
  • May 18 to Oct. 28 – Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary campground between Ingleside and Morrisburg.
  • May 31 to June 4; and June 18 to Sept. 3 – Mille Roches campground at Long Sault Parkway.

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