RV Comfort Systems has introduced a new stand-alone, all-electric forced air heating system for park model trailers.

According to a press release, the new system does not require a gas furnace to be hooked inline with the electric heater. It has its own fan with cabinet and works with the RV Comfort System’s CheapHeat controller and electric heater. This system is UL certified and RVIA compliant in both the United States and Canada.

The system consists of a multi-position combination-ducted/plenum cabinet that allows the tri-stage heater element to be installed from either side so the system can be used in multiple locations. The press release stated that one of the product’s best features is that a trailer manufacturer is no longer required to place the furnace next to an outside wall for venting, which provides more flexibility in its floorplans.

RV Comfort Systems is based in Bothell, Wash., and is the OEM patent holder for the CheapHeat electric heating system for recreational vehicles. The company will be making its new system available for public purchase on Jan. 1. More information is available by calling 425-408-3140 or visiting www.rvcomfortsystems.com.