The proposed layout for Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Big developments are underway in the desert just north of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., changes the area has not yet seen, according to River Scene Magazine.

Across the highway from Havasu Heights, is the future home of the Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park, a new take on the storage industry.

Ryan Rodney, project developer and CEO of Riverbound Storage Management LLC., holds tender memories of his childhood growing up in Parker. Now located in Irvine, Calif., he knew he wanted to bring an extraordinary concept to Mohave County.

The Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park was started in the summer of 2017 with the aim to transform the storage development industry. Through endless brainstorming and collaboration they had begun to bring their largest development concept into fruition.

What sets Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park aside from its competitors is the safety, customization and wide-range of accommodations the facility has to offer.

The customization options will provide a sense of freedom to the consumer to develop their storage unit to their unique desires. Each individual site will be a separate 5,445 square foot lot or 1/8th of an acre , in which the each interior is able to be uniquely designed via an a-la-carte template.

“On the site, customers are able to have a prefabricated 18-foot-by-50-foot toy barn and on the inside of that they can customize the interior of them so they can have the amenities they want. The facility is going to be able to cater to a wide audience of RV, off road , and boat enthusiast, ” Rodney said.

Each site will house this “home-away-from-home” nook, as well as a cart-port style attachment to house RV’s, UTV’s, Boats and other recreational vehicles.

Along with customizable units to fit every need, there are plans for fun amenities such as to install a kid’s park, swimming area and driving range. Likewise, there will be a fueling station for all vehicle types.

“At the end of the day, customer’s want something that is new, that is spacious, and a facility where they can put their high-end toys and have the peace of mind that their investments are safe and sound,” noted Rodney. “We’re going go the extra mile so our customers know that their treasures are secure and that we are going to treat them like it is ours.”

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