One of two adjoining buildings that were built in the early 1900s collapsed at least in part as a result of a heavy rainstorm that hit Clifton, Ariz., early last week, the Eastern Arizona Courier reported. The collapsed building is one of two on the Clifton House RV Park property on U.S. 191, adjacent to the Rode Inn Motel.

The RV park is owned by Lynn Ray, who began work on the facility about two years ago. It has several utility hookups to accommodate trailers and RVs.

A crack in the rear of the brick building appeared during one of the small earthquakes that struck in Greenlee County in 2015. The crack was not repaired.

Tyrell Ray, the RV park owner’s son, said on Thursday morning (Sept. 24) that beams whose footings were in the structure’s basement had apparently rotted and finally collapsed, bringing down the building. He said mud in the basement from the 1983 flood had never been mucked out and apparently played a role in the beams’ deterioration.

A torrential rainstorm that fell Sept. 22 in Clifton may have contributed to the beams’ collapse, Ray said.

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