Tuesday night’s powerful winds ripped through an East Texas RV park, leaving behind lots of damage an even some injuries, KSLA-TV, Shreveport, La., reported.

Some RVs were flipped over onto their roofs, sending one man to the hospital with a gash on his head.

Residents at the EAS-LEE RV Park in Hughes Springs, Texas, reported hearing the wind then felt their homes moving.

One woman says she threw herself over her two children who were sleeping on the floor to protect them when her RV began to move. Her home did not tip over, but the wind shifted it which damaged the jacks underneath the RV.

The park owner, Joe Easley, spent the night and most of Wednesday working to make repairs and restore utilities for residents that he describes as permanent.

“Everybody is on a fixed income here and it’s a recessed area. And you got to do what you got to do to help your tenants out or they’re going to go somewhere else,” said Easley.

Several of the RVs that were not toppled over were damaged from being shifted or from debris.

Easley says he was able to restore the utilities such as sewerage, water and electricity by Wednesday, but by Wednesday afternoon he and his workers were still stabilizing some of the homes.