Hovey's Island

Snowshoe Road, which connects the islands to the mainland, is a safety concern for residents opposing new campgrounds that may be proposed on Hovey’s Island. Provided photo

Henderson (N.Y.) Town Supervisor Edwin D. Glaser says complaints about extending a campground onto Hovey’s Island may be premature, according to nny360.com.

Glaser said that Sun Communities, the group that owns Association Island, hasn’t submitted an application to do anything on Hovey’s Island quite yet.

“All they have done is threw out a couple of ideas of what people would be acceptable to,” he said. “Right now, people are just jumping the tracks a little bit too quick in my opinion.”

One of the ideas includes developing around 160 lots into seasonal rental sites, he said.

Lindsay E. Witmer, a member of the Facebook group “Stop the Association Island Campground Expansion,” a group of citizens concerned about what may be done to Hovey’s Island, said there is no upside to having the expanded campgrounds.

“There is no benefit of increasing these campsites,” she said. “You’ve got the environmental issue, you have the decrease in potential property value as a result of this … there’s sewage and water issues, there’s not public sewer or water, so how is that going to be managed?”

Witmer claims that the town did a survey that showed 76% of residents want the number of RV parks to either remain unchanged or be reduced and that 93% of residents want open space increased or kept the same.

She said the group is asking for a moratorium, which she says will allow for the town to look at the zoning laws and to listen to the residents.

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