The major attraction for SunCountry RV Park near Ellensburg, Wash., is the neighboring SunCountry golf course.

General manager and golf course superintendent Jamie Colson said that the golf course is probably the best alpine golf course in the state, The Daily Record, Ellensburg, reported.

The golf course and RV park are both surrounded by thick forest.

The park offers full hookup and wireless Internet. There is a bathhouse with separate bathroom areas, each with a shower, sink and toilet. There is a clubhouse and parking lot area next to the RV sites and the golf course is “just a stone’s throw away.”

This summer has been a steady one for SunCountry with its busiest months being July and August.

“When the weather is good, we are busy. Things are going great,” Colson said.

Gas prices have affected how far people are driving to stay at the park.

“I think with higher gas prices, folks are coming from the Seattle area and they aren’t traveling as far on trips,” Colson said.

Numbers have risen slightly due to the Taylor Bridge Fire. A number of evacuees decided to camp put in their RVs rather than go to public shelters.

“People were being evacuated and wanted to bring their RV out and asked for openings,” he said.

Colson wanted to draw attention to Marathon Mondays at the golf course which include being able to golf “all day, as much as you can handle” for $38.

Visit www.golfsuncountry.com for information on both the golf course and RV park.