The tiny Chautauqua County community of Bear Lake may have taken the hardest blow in southwest New York state from the heavy rains spawned by Hurricane Sandy, WSEE-TV, Erie, Pa., reported.

The lake level has dropped about a foot in the past 24 hours. But the lake is still 6 feet higher than normal.

Two campgrounds are surrounded by high water. And a few summer cottages have also been affected by the rising water. Until owners can inspect their properties, the extent of damage will not be known.

Campground owner Art Clever says he hasn’t seen the lake this high since Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

He said, “The highest was Agnes. This right now is the second highest that I have seen. It hit fast and hard. Normally I get some warning if there is something I have to get out of the way or move a trailer. But there was not time. It was instant.”

Most of the cottage owners and campground users only spend time at Bear Lake during the summer months