App My Community App My Community, developed by Armstrong Software, is a digital application designed to help RV resorts and campgrounds organize and execute guest and hospitality functions to streamline and manage information. Each app is customized by the company to mirror a park’s marketing look and feel to help promote its brand. The custom app then helps the business to increase revenue, boost communications and grow guest loyalty, according to the company’s founders.

“We started the company in the summer of 2017,” said Rose Duemig, co-founder and co-developer with her husband, Joe. “We are campers ourselves so we understand all the ins and outs of what goes on as a guest and we figured there was another way that owners could communicate and keep guests up-to-date. We developed the app based on our experiences and are now continually adding new features to support the campgrounds and resorts using the app.”

She explained that the app is custom designed and named as an extension of the campground’s brand and once downloaded allows campers full access to all the information needed for an easier and enhanced guest experience.

“It’s unique to each individual campground,” she continued. “The guest just goes to the app store for their device and downloads the app named after the campground. The campground has full control of the look, categories and content of what the app offers. We even have customized, built-in flash screens so that they can promote their own amenities or sell sponsorships for revenue opportunities.”

She said the app always includes the latest activity schedule and vital, detailed information to help guests negotiate the resort during their stay.

“Stuff like where do I go to do my laundry? What are the hours it is open? Is it cash or credit? Is there detergent available there or in the store? Where is the store?” explained Duemig. “The idea is that we answer all these questions, replacing the camper’s need to find a handout or ask a staff member for directions or instructions.”

Rose Duemig

Rose Duemig

The map in the application helps guests navigate all aspects of the campground.

“The guest can just type in their campsite location and it will highlight it on the map,” she said.

The app also lists all of a park’s activities, with reminders specific to favorites for each camper with RSVP functions, ticket sale links and map locations to the event. An embedded activity schedule is linked to the campsite website with access to activity printouts that are automatically generated for one-time handouts, reducing print costs. It also sends push notifications to targeted groups that could include all current guests, specific gatherings such as church groups, reminders to pet owners, all users or staff reminders, just as an example.

Owners can create custom forms for campers to fill out specific maintenance requests, feedback, delivery orders, or reservation requests. The campground can enlist interactive activities such as scavenger hunts to engage campers. Owners can also use the app to reward guest loyalty with points earned from stays, purchases, and activity attendance.

“Ultimately, campers on the road can book their stay, come to the campground and check-in, find their way to their site, and pay for their stay without interacting with staff,” Duemig concluded.

Pricing is determined by the number of sites in each campground or resort, with unlimited downloads. It starts at between $150 to $250 per month. App My Community now serves campgrounds that feature from 80 to 1,800 campsites.

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