Supplier Showcase This week on WCM’s Supplier Showcase, sponsored by Everest Ice & Water Systems, we continue to highlight the vendors that WOODALLSCM.com (WCM) visited with at the Glamping Show Americas.

Today, we speak with Gene Eidelman, co-founder of Azure Printed Homes, which is reshaping the way they build homes by bringing 3D printing technology, modular construction and recycled materials together to create truly sustainable living in a modern and beautiful design. Gene talks about the Azure Sky Backyard Studio which is the perfect extra space to step into that adds value to both your home and life.

To learn more about Azure Printed Homes, click here: https://www.azureprintedhomes.com/

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This video series is hosted by WCM’s Digital Media Coordinator Alex Burkett. It focuses on industry vendors by providing both business and product updates. Industry vendors interested in highlighting their products can contact Alex Burkett at aburkett@rvbusiness.com for more information. 

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