RV retailers and other businesses in the recreation vehicle industry that still advertise in their local telephone directory may want to reconsider doing so.

According to a survey earlier this month conducted by RVtravel.com, more than 80% of the 1,100 RVers who responded reported they use a yellow pages type telephone directory much less than 10 years ago. Forty percent reported they never use such a directory any more.

A mere 11% said they use the directories as much or more than 10 years ago.

One reader, who identified herself only as Joy, offered an insight into why some RVers still use the directories. “Living in a small town, not all of the local merchants have an online presence,” she wrote. “Google may be all you need in the city, but out here not so much.”

RVtravel.com has been conducting weekly surveys of its readers for more than 10 years. They reveal a wealth of information about recreational vehicle enthusiasts and their behavior, said Editor Chuck Woodbury.

Survey questions and their results can be found at the RVtravel.com website.