TengoInternet today (April 21) announced that it distributed $270,000 in guest Wi-Fi revenue to its participating RV resort owners in 2009.

This payout is part of TengoInternet’s revenue-sharing program with resorts that choose to offer Wi-Fi or wireless Internet for a fee to their guests. Resorts that participate in TengoInternet’s revenue-sharing program receive a monthly check for a percentage of the total Wi-Fi access fees sold at their location. As the industry’s largest provider, TengoInternet pays more revenue share dollars back to RV resorts than any other provider, according to a news release.

“Wi-Fi service continues to be a selection and satisfaction criteria for RV travelers and the #1 technology amenity sought by campground guests,” said Eric Stumberg, CEO and co-founder, TengoInternet. “The fact is that there are many guest pricing models available-the revenue share model addresses one segment of our customers. Our customers may choose to have us collect revenue online and share it back with them, collect and keep 100% of revenue at point of sale, offer the service for free, or some blend of all of these. TengoInternet’s flexible WiFi services and contracts allow our customers to meet the specific needs of their guests and business.”