The Blount County (Tenn,) Planning Commission is scaling back a proposal to allow commercial campgrounds in the residential areas of the county, according to the Daily Times, Marysville, Tenn.

There had been some public outcry about the proposal, which, as currently written, would allow campgrounds to be built on 10-acre or larger parcels in the R-1 and Suburbanizing zones.

During their Thursday meeting, however, commissioners indicated they were listening and decided to put off a vote on the proposal until it could be revised to limit where the campgrounds could be built.

“I don’t want to stall this — we need to move forward — but I don’t think it is going to be accepted as it is now,” Planning Commissioner Tom Hodge said.

County Commissioner Mike Walker, who attending the meeting as an audience member, told the planning commission that residents were concerned that the change was too sweeping.

“It’s the fact that when we make a change, we’re making it with a broad brush that affects the whole county,” he said.

The planning commission will now discuss limiting the campgrounds to a few areas of the county more suited for tourist destinations.