While city officials continue to stress how early in the process it is, that any talk of putting an RV park in Central Park is very preliminary and that there are many hurdles that need to be cleared before any visions can become reality, those same Crookston, Minn., officials, led by City Administrator Shannon Stassen, sound pretty serious about making a real run at the project, the Crookston Times reported.

Officials updated the Crookston Park Board, including a look at a concept plan that includes 48 RV campsites in Central Park, each with full hookups that offer more than the current electricity hookups on the limited number of camping slots in the park.

Currently, the concept plan carries a price tag of around $1.5 million, which Stassen has said he’d like to shrink.

A big part of the plan is the construction of a new bath house. That part of the project, which alone would cost around $400,000, could be a prime candidate for a Department of Homeland Security grant if the bath house doubled as a storm shelter/safe house. A grant, if awarded, could cover up to 75% of the cost to construct such a structure, he said.

The concept drawings have the RV park taking up the entire body of Central Park, meaning that things like the Ox Cart Days carnival, Classic Cruisers Run to the Park, Night 2 Unite and any other events would have to be relocated.

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